Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Brand New Lace Top wigs, now in stock! For regular skintop wigs, call Kayla 0534626746, for lace top wigs, call Sara 0535553709

 We have gorgeous brand new skintop European and Brazilian wigs for sale, for those call Kayla at 0534626746- just 2900 shekel for the new wigs!! 

some of the Skintop European wigs:
some of the Skintop Brazilian wigs:

We also got in some STUNNING lace top wigs:

long wavy lace top, 4300 shekel

And a straight lace top wig: 3300 shekel

and we have other lace top wigs not yet pictured. For lace tops, whatsapp Sara at 0535553709

long blond lace top wig, 5000 shekel:

Second Hand wigs! call 0534626746 for appointment, 2nd hand wigs 200-1800, NEW wigs 2900

This month, all the second hand wigs are being sold by Kayla in Romema, call for appointment! 0534626746 : all second hand wigs, priced 200-1800 shekel!!

The brand new wigs are still for sale- 2900 nis!!

some examples of SECOND HAND WIGS- call Kayla for appointment 053-462-6746